Growing a plant from seed is a truly spectacular journey that can forever alter your perspective on gardening. However, it requires a fair amount of patience and discipline.

For that reason, we have decided to dedicate this post to fast-growing house plants. We hope that by doing so, we encourage you to take the leap into more serious gardening and grow a plant from seed, using a germinator or a method such as the paper towel method, or at least grow from seedling. Doing so will be much cheaper and will give you a special bond to the plant.

All the species listed below are fairly easy to grow and can be grown in small pots, containers, or beds.

1- Morning Glory

Morning glory fast growing indoor plant

This beautiful plant is a treat to grow. Besides giving out a wonderful dark blue flower, it oozes a nice scent and can grow flowers from seed in a matter of weeks!

There are many varieties of this plant, some of which are perennial and some of which are annual, so be careful when choosing your seeds or seedlings if you want to have a long term plant in the house.


2- Purple Velvet

Growing Purple Velvet, also known as Gynura aurantiaca, indoors is not impossible, though it is recommended to give it plenty of light. Therefore, if you have a balcony or windowsill with good sun exposure, this is a great option. The amount of sun it gets will dictate how purple the leaves get.

It is a perennial plant, so once you grow it you will only need to prune it and maintain it and you’ll have the most beautiful purple leaves you’ve ever seen.


3- Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Fast Growing House Plant

Aloe is one of our favourite house plants. It can be grown with such ease and is so simple and pleasant to the eyes.

It is extremely easy to grow as it won’t need much water and light, and it isn’t growing anywhere as it is a perennial plant.

Besides that, it has numerous medicinal and dietary applications. You can, for example, chop out a leaf and use the aloe vera gel as a skin repair cream.


4- Areca Palm

Areca Palm

For the purpose of variety, we’ve decided to include this gorgeous indoor palm. It is also known as butterfly palm or golden cane palm due to its beautiful arching shoots.

As with most palms, they don’t need much water but do require a fair amount of light. Despite that, they can handle house environments pretty well and are often used by interior designers to contrast with white walls.


5- Bamboo


Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, as certified by the Guinness world book of records. As an experiment, it is fun to grow indoors, but please be careful. If you allow it into your garden, it will spread everywhere and shoot up in a matter of days.

All in all, it’s a great plant to grow if you want to give a zen feeling to a room.


And there you have it, the five fastest indoor growing plants that we know of and enjoy. Please feel free to leave further suggestions in the comment box below!