Today many people living in small spaces resort to thinking they just cannot have a garden. Most of us are not fortunate to have spacious yards to plant gardens and grow our food.


But think again! Vertical garden kits are becoming an increasingly popular way to maximize space, save money, and nurture that inner gardener inside of you.


Luckily, with some careful planning, you can turn even a tiny space into an abundant year-round harvest.


Whether you’ve got a small patio, balcony, or even a large picture window, there’s always a way to grow some green friends. From flowers to herbs to vegetables and beyond, we’ve scoured and searched for our favorite vertical gardening kits currently on the market.  


We put together our curated list of top choices and hope you enjoy our recommendations. Please note that we receive compensation from sales resulting from the links found throughout this review page.

What to Look for in a Vertical Planter


Like most things, it will be to your advantage to sit down and plan things out before you start. Consider the space you are working with and your preferences.


  • Do you have an empty wall?
  • Where does the direct sunlight fall during daylight and for how long?
  • How high is too high? Do you have a view you do not want to obstruct?
  • What do you wish to plant? Is your wall for aesthetics (flowers), growing food, or both?
  • How much time will you devote to the maintenance of your plants?


The answers to these questions will help you to narrow down your decision between modular, self-watering, and no-watering models. After reading the information below, we are confident you will know which type of planter is the best for your needs.

Our Pick: Self-watering vertical garden

Prudance Vertical Wall Garden Planter


  • Simple to mount with sturdy grommets
  • Stackable – add more as you go
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic material



  • Some assembly required
  • Not all pockets exposed to the same amount of sun


An excellent design for those who have significant wall space available for planting. This pocket planter is installed merely by hanging from two durable metal grommets. Ideal for growing smaller plants, flowers, or herbs that you will harvest frequently.


Note that this planter may require more frequent watering as compared to a self-watering system. Some customers reported having to water every one to two days. However, it will depend on your climate and positioning.

Our Pick: Self-watering vertical garden

Houseables 5 Tier Stackable Planter


    • Great for small spaces both in and outside
    • Can be stacked, used separately or hung
    • Easy watering – drainage from top to bottom prevents root rot
    • UV-protected material



  • Only available in terra cotta color
  • Cannot purchase additional (individual) tiers


We would consider this tiered planter an excellent investment for those who are starting out. It makes the perfect kit for growing a variety of berries or herbs. A cascading clover-shaped design allows for easy, time-saving watering from top to bottom.


This planter can accommodate up to 15 individual plants. We love the idea of multiple “theme” sets – 15 herbs, 15 different flower varieties and 15 fresh fruits and vegetables!

Our Pick: Modular vertical garden

Worth Garden Self-Watering Vertical Wall Hangers


  • The automatic dripping system means less frequent watering
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Versatile design, pots may be hung together or separately
  • Nine-foot dripping hose included



  • Twelve modules make for a more lengthy installation than a one-piece unit


This durable vertical wall hanger is a “can’t go wrong” type of planter. It comes with twelve durable modular planters, each with three pockets for a total of 36 compartments for individual plants. Choose to install them all together on one wall, or separately in sets.


Separate division means that your plants will stay safely isolated, not competing with other plants for the soil’s nutrients.


If you’re on the fence about this one, don’t fret. Worth offers a three-year guarantee and fantastic customer service so you can buy with confidence.

Final Thoughts

Gardening is an excellent way to save money, brighten up an area, and experience the satisfaction of seeing plants come to life. The innovative design of vertical planters has allowed those living in small spaces and urban centers to experience the joy of horticulture.

While there is a wide range of choice, quality, and variety, we hope this guide will offer a short-cut to the best available options on the market today. So get outside, get your hands into the soil, and enjoy seeing your plants thrive!