House gardening can be either budget-friendly or expensive, depending on your preferences.

Therefore, it is not necessary for you to break the bank to upgrade your garden. You do not need exorbitantly-priced waterfalls and gazeboes in your backyard to have a spectacular garden.

If you start growing the plants from scratch, you will be able to have a fantastic garden on a shoestring budget. But even if you’re buying a fully developed plant, there are some great looking plants that are reasonably price.

For that reason, we’ve decided to give you our top 8 favourite cheap house plants, divided by type: large, small, and vines.

Best large house plants

For this section, we looked for species that combined 3 important factors: Low water and light requirements, so that they easily survive indoors, easy on the wallet, as that’s the point of this article, and darn good looking.

After much brainstorming and investigation, here’s what we came up with:

1- Asparagus fern

Often used as an ornamental plant, Asparagus fern plants can prove to be an excellent choice for your house.

The stems of this particular plant shoot upward and outward. Hence, the Asparagus fern can also be expertly used as a fantastic hanging basket plant.

If you want to get an idea of what it looks like and how to grow it, check out the video below:

2- Dracaena

The Dracaena is a widely common and popular houseplant that can prove to be a striking specimen on a large floor space.

If the plant is young and not big enough, it can still be placed on tabletops to create a wonderful display, but it often reaches up to 2 meters.

Dracaena Large Houseplants

3- English Ivy

There is no denying the fact that the English Ivy is a versatile foliage plant. And, since it has a dainty demeanour, it can be expertly used as a hanging basket plant or simply on a pot.

The houseplant can be placed on a mantel or shelf where the stems can hang down. It helps that its long stems can easily be pruned and this species can sometimes be evasive.

Englsh Ivy


Best small house plants

1- Aloe

Aloe has distinctive elongated leaves that can help drastically improve the aesthetic appeal of a home. Besides that, it has some great medicinal properties giving you an endless supply of skin repair gel.

This particular plant works especially well in rooms with Southwestern décor. We’re big fans of succulents in general, but aloe takes the crown in terms of design. It also does well in dish gardens.

However, you should be wary of its spiky leaves and keep it away from high-traffic areas.

Aloe Vera Indoor Plant


2- Anthurium

Unlike other flowers, Anthurium flowers last a long time, making them a great cheap indoors or balcony solution.

Anthurium flowers are commonly found in red color, shades of pink, white, lavender, and even green.

However, you should be mindful of the flower’s toxic sap. Ensure that your children and pets don´t ingest them.Peace Lily Indoors Plant


3- Peace lily

The peace lily is a fantastic option because it is capable of growing well, even in low light and humidity.

This particular plant looks exceptionally attractive in a plain pot with a glossy finish.

Often referred to as closet plants, peace lilies are easy to grow and care for.


Peace lily best indoor plant

Best indoor vine plants

Finally, we arrive at the vine section of the ranking.

These are species we recommend buying as full grown plants, but if you’re interested in potentially saving a few more bucks, have a look at our indoor vertical garden kit guide.

We thought we’d include this section as we frequently get asked about good options in this family of plants, so here are our favourites:

1- Ivy

We are certain that many would agree with the inclusion of Ivy on our list. Ivy is flexible and can easily adapt to any light conditions, making it ideal for the interior of any house.

Ivy grows fast and remains green even in the blistering cold.

For best results, we would recommend you plant it in a wide and shallow container.

Ivy best indoor vine

2- Betel leaf plant

The betel leaf plant is extremely popular in South and East Asia, largely because of its culinary and medicinal uses. The plant can be grown indoors where the temperature is slightly humid. However, it also requires a decent amount of sunlight.

Betel Leaf Plant Best Indoor Vine

And with this, we wrap up our charts. We hope we have surprised you with the amount of gorgeous and productive plants that you can easily grow inside and as always, we welcome more suggestions in the comment box!