What do you get for the plant lover that has everything? (Because let’s be serious for a second, they are likely to have already bought whatever plants they want).

You can go for the easy targets, such as gardening gloves, or you could be a rascal and give your beloved mother or partner a bottle of fertilizer, but this would be selling yourself short.

The perfect gift is out there and we’re here to help you find it.

Gifts for plant lovers might take a bit more thought, but luckily, the urban gardening digest team is here to help, with our handy guide for gardener gifts.

Let’s have a look at some great gift ideas.

Gifts for Outdoorsy Mom

Think about things for mom that she wouldn’t have bought for herself. What about an innovative little garden cart? It is a cute little-wheeled platform that has a basket and a seat for mom to sit on when she needs to.

This is the perfect gift for an outdoorsy mom because it allow her to wheel her plants out easily and give her a seat to rest on while gardening – thus saving a lot of back-breaking labor.

Another really useful gift that could save mom some aches and pains is a garden kneeler. Garden kneelers have become a lot more useful than a plain old pad to kneel on. Many now feature handles that moms can use to push themselves up with.

And, with many models, all you need to do is to flip them over to convert them into a clever little seat. So, kneeling or sitting, mom can have fun in the garden.

Novelty Garden Gifts


The previous choice were safe bets, aimed at the practical gardener who sees in gift a cost-effective way to improve her garden.

When choosing something for the person that really usually buys what they like, novelty garden gifts can inject a little more fun. Why not look for a fun sign for the garden, or garden ornament that is completely irreverent.

Just have a look on Amazon, and there are plenty of novelty items. Like a gnome sitting on the toilet checking his phone. It is a real tongue in cheek take on your standard garden gnome.

You can get gnomes in all shapes and sizes these days – some of them made to look like your favorite TV series characters.

There are plenty of other funny characters and signs that you can choose from as well.

Here are some of our favorites:


Garden Gifts for Men

Ok ok, we know what you’re thinking: Sexist! This section is for everyone, but in our experience, the husbands and boyfriends have a particular taste in gifts.

For that reason, garden gifts for men are not always that easy. It is simple enough to choose a gag gift, but what if you want to offer something that is actually helpful and thoughtful?

Well, worry not, as we have some ideas:

What about getting a fire pit? These are a great addition to any backyard and provides a nice place for family and friends to gather around. You can also use them to host barbeques with a simple bbq extension.

Want something that is a little easier on the budget? A complete gardening set contains all the tools that will come in handy in a nice carry case. Choose a good quality set that will last a long time and your gift will go down a real treat.

This is a particularly good gift for beginner gardeners, as it will incentivize them to actively take care of their space.


So, whether you are looking for a gift for your mom, for the man in your life, or just something that is fun, these gifts are bound to fit the bill. If you have an avid gardener that you need to buy a present for, use these gifts as an inspiration.

And, if you see something that you like, why not treat yourself at the same time?