Living in an apartment might limit your access to a garden, but it does not mean that you are not able to enjoy some greenery. Low maintenance balcony plants can do more than provide a little color, though, they can also help you to maintain a bit more privacy.

The plants that we have chosen here are hardy and don’t require a lot of care, so if you’re ready to upgrade your balcony, read on.

Full Sun – At Least 8 Hours of Sun a Day

If your balcony is facing south and is unobstructed, this section is for you. These plants require plenty of sun and regular watering.

The Quartz Rose Verbena

This is a plant that is pretty easy to maintain. It does not require much care and will reward you with beautiful blooms in season and lush greenery out of season. It works really well in a container and is much loved by butterflies.

It requires a loose soil that is well-drained and watering only when it is dry. This plant does not like having its feet soaking in water.

Firelight Spiraea

This is a shrub that is better suited for larger balconies as it can grow up to about four feet in diameter. However, you can keep it in check by regular trimming.

This is a plant that will tolerate some shade, but it really needs to be in full sun to get the very best possible results.

It likes rich soil that drains very well. It will require feeding in the growing season and pruning during winter when it is dormant. It is best to keep it well-mulched and to water when the top layer of soil is dry.

Blue Lyme Grass

This will give you a nice dash of color year-round and makes a great feature on an otherwise stark balcony.

This is hardy and not too fussy about the amount of watering. So, if you do happen to overwater it for a few days, it is not going to be a train smash.


There are many varieties of Thyme that you can grow – choose a variegated one for more color or choose a lemon-scented Thyme for its lovely scent.

Both can be used in cooking and have delicate flowers that are very pretty. As with most herbs, Thyme will grow more vigorously if picked often.

It doesn’t need much attention and prefers well-drained soil. It is very hardy and will do well even in areas where temperatures soar.


Partial Sun – 3-4  hours Per Day

Rockspray Cotoneaster

This shrub is also on the larger side, but it has beautiful pink blooms and a lovely deep red-colored fruit that make it well worth trimming to size once in a while.

It likes soil that is kept damp but does not like to be drowned so ensure that the soil drains well. It will do well in a standard potting mix.

It will do well in partial shade or in full sunlight.

The most important thing when it comes to plants in containers is to remember that they will dry out faster. The easiest test to determine whether or not the plant should be watered is to stick your finger into the soil or to dig at least an inch into it.

That way you will see whether or not the underlying layers need more water. Mulching can help the pots retain more water if you cannot get to this task often enough.