Urban Gardening With Self-Watering Containers

Urban Gardening With Self-Watering ContainersOne of the challenges of urban gardening that many of us face is that of time. Our busy lifestyles often make it difficult for us to commit to a watering schedule that varies along with the day’s growing conditions.

Plants will need more water on bright sunny days than they will need on a day that is cool and cloudy. Sometimes they may need watering throughout the day. Self-watering containers help make urban gardening a bit easier by providing a refreshing reservoir for plants to draw on.

Video: Designing A Self-Watering Container For Your Urban Gardening

Video Notes:

Let’s break down a self-watering container and see how it functions. This model uses two containers.

The outer container is called the reservoir container. If you look inside of my reservoir container, you will find a wicking basket and an overflow hole drilled in the side.

The inner container is called the planting container. The planting container features a fill pipe that goes through its bottom into the reservoir and a hole for the soil in the wicking basket to connect with the soil in the planting container. You will also find a number of additional holes in the bottom of the planting container to help water in the soil drain down into the reservoir.

Self-watering containers help to make the urban gardening experience better for both you, the gardener, and for your plants, because they provide a ready source of water on an ongoing basis. With this set up, all you need to do is ensure that the reservoir is filled and stop worrying about the soil becoming too dry or having to water multiple times a day. As a bonus, bottom watering is considered to be more natural and healthier for your plants.

Question: When using self-watering containers for your urban gardening, is it possible to over water your plants? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo by Mike Lieberman


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