Does Water Quality Effect Your Urban Gardening Results?

Urban GardeningUrban gardening, regardless if you are using containers, raised beds, hydroponics or aquaponics, needs water. The question we are asking today is, “does the quality of the water you use play a role in your urban gardening results?”

Clint Carty over at Worm’s Way believes that water quality plays a significant role in urban gardening. Let’s read his article to learn more.

Is Tap Water Alright For Urban Gardening?

A quality water supply is key to growing a hydroponic garden successfully. Municipal water has added components such as chlorine & chloramine in order to disinfect the water, and some communities even add fluoride to their water to promote dental health. While it’s questionable whether these additives are good for us at the levels they are present in our drinking water, there is little doubt that they are not so good for our gardens. Water can contain a high amount of dissolved solids and minerals, and the pH of tap water varies so drastically from town to town that it can cause problems in gardening.

Additives such as chlorine will kill any microbial life in your garden. Since using products such as mycorrhizae is pointless when using treated water, you’ll need to find alternative ways to remove these less than ideal additives. A natural way to get rid of chlorine is to let the water sit in the sun, which will evaporate it off. Keep in mind, though, that if your water is treated with chloramine instead, this trick will not work. By calling your local water company you can get informed on how your water is treated and begin to assess the best alternative. Buying bottled water such as spring water is one alternative, but the cheaper and more efficient route is to purchase a reverse osmosis system.

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Clint recommends using reverse osmosis to clean the water used in your urban gardening. And, certainly methods like aquaponics will demand a clean water source. Worm’s Way has a reverse osmosis filter for you to consider. We have found that the recommended brand is also available over at Amazon.

What are your thoughts on using reverse osmosis to clean the water you use for urban gardening? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you.

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